Because of their shapes, they each fit different needs, and therefore, should be used accordingly. A kettlebell has one large, spherical weight with a handle on top, while dumbbells feature two equal-sized weights with a bar in the middle. These designs lead to differences in the way the mass is distributed.

This, he explains can make the load feel either lighter or heavier, depending on its position in space. So when should you grab for a kettlebell versus dumbbell?

The answer is: It depends. Ballistic moves, like snatches and cleans, can be done with either. But according to Gary, because kettlebells will feel different at different points throughout the move. Squats, lunges, rows, and presses can also all be done with both types of weight, but you may have an easier go using the kettlebell because of the grip. Allow this guide to help.

kettlebell dumbbell handle

Renegade rows: In a high plank position with dumbbells in each hand, row one arm at a time, pulling your elbow toward your back and keeping your core engaged throughout the move. Dumbbell snatches: Starting with the dumbbell on the ground, squat down to pick it up and drive through your lower body to lift it straight over your head. This move tones your arms and shoulders while also getting your heart rate up. Dumbbell push-press: Standing with your feet hips-width distance apart a set of dumbbells at your shoulders and your knees slightly bent, drive through your lower body to lift them straight over head.

Squeeze your core and glutes at the top before lowering back down.

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Bring them back down, stopping before your elbows drop below the bench. Dumbbell thruster: Standing with your feet hips-width distance apart and a set of dumbbells on your shoulders, Squat all the way down and drive up through your lower body to press the dumbbells over your head.

Bending your knees slightly and keeping your back straight, swing the bell in between your legs with control. Snap your hips forward and lift your chest to swing the kettlebell forward.

These are great for toning your glutes while also working your core. Kettlebell racked lunges: Hold a kettlebell in each hand, and alternate forward lunges on each side. This helps upgrade your lunges from lower body moves into full body ones. Kettlebell cleans: Unlike many other moves, cleans are actually easier to do with a kettlebell than a dumbbell.

With a kettlebell on the ground, squat down and grab it in one hand. Explode up, and use the momentum to lift the kettlebell to your shoulder and flip it over your wrist. These help with hip extensions, and allow you to hit multiple planes in a single move, says Gary.

Sink your hips all the way down to below your knees, and explode back up to the top. Grab a kettlebell and hop into squat position. Oh hi!Our stock all ships from our US-based warehouses. Shipped via USPS or UPS depending on location and package weight We ship from wholesalers and retailers all over the country and your item may not come from us or with our name on the box.

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If there's a problem, message us! We're happy to help. Showing Slide 1 of 1 - Carousel. Showing Slide 1 of 2 - Carousel. The kettlebell handle is optimal for strength training, fat burning and upper body exercises. The thick rubber sleeve wide handle feels comfortable and makes exercise a pleasure. Two collars make the handle stronger. For men or women who want working out at home, in the gym, or when traveling, it is easy to use, save your time and promote the enthusiasm of fitness.

If you have any questions, please and we will definitely provide you with the most satisfactory service. Delivery time to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Guam: 15 to 20 days Kettlebells are a potent fitness tool, offering a variety of high-intensity exercises that are great for losing fat and building muscle, you can create an adjustable kettlebell using dumbbell or barbell plates you probably already have.A kettlebell can be a valuable addition to a training program, and a home gym when incorporated correctly.

When space is an issue, each square foot becomes more valuable. Items like dumbbells and kettlebells can take a lot of room quickly. Suddenly, that space you thought you had is gone. The kettlebell handle from PowerBlock is no different. That is different from what I am reviewing. The adjustable kettlbell is smaller and shaped more like a kettlebell. It has four adjustable weights ranging from lbs. It could be useful for women or beginners of kettlebells. If you already have PowerBlock dumbbellsyou could add even more to your training than just using the dummbells.

The kettlebell handle is a loadable handle that allows you to take your existing dumbbell set and transform them into a changeable kettlebell set. The handle itself measures The handle width is 7.

Which home gym equipment builds muscle quicker: dumbbell vs kettlebell? Here are the facts

For people who are tight on space and already have PowerBlocks, or looking to get them, this is a big advantage. You get the benefit of doubling the uses of your equipment.

kettlebell dumbbell handle

Any time you can do that, I consider it to be very valuable. The kettlebell handles simply attach right to your existing set of PowerBlock dumbbellstransforming them into a working set of kettlebells.

They can range from 10lbs all the way up to 90lbs. These handles are made with heavy duty steel and are painted in a slick black powder coating. The handle is longer than what you might see on most kettlebells, but I found it to be great as I enjoy having the extra room.

The handle is 25 mm, weighs in at 10 lbs and can hold dumbbells from four different PowerBlock models. The padding on the sides also feel thicker and denser than my original PowerBlock dumbbells. The Kettlebell handle is compatible with the following PowerBlock models. PowerBlock was smart to add an adjustable handle that differs from their other, traditional kettlebell.

Having something that works into the dumbbell stack adds another layer of value and use to the ever-popular adjusting dumbbell brand. Versatile With Other Models A huge benefit to this handle is its adaptable nature to several types of PowerBlock dumbbell models. As noted above, it fits the Pro 50 and expansion seriesPro 50 and 90 commercial series and the U90 series dumbbells. I have the U setand this handle fits perfectly. The kettlebell handle operates the same way. Because you are not buying any actual dumbbellsjust the handle, they store easily underneath the PowerBlock stand, taking no extra space.

This way you are not using entire walls to store loads of dumbbells and kettlebells. The handles are nicely welded and the coating is superb. The handle has taken some beating during its uses and it has endured very well. There are no major scratches, dents, or dings on it.Got little time and space for working out?

Our extremely compact and efficient dumbbells and kettlebells will give you the sculpted, stronger body you want, regardless of time and space constraints. Our adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells feature our patented Quick-Lock design that allows you to modify the weights easily and quickly.

You only need a few seconds to increase the weight of our adjustable dumbbells from 5lbs up to lbs. The same holds true for our adjustable kettlebells that can hold anywhere from Take note that the weight capacity of our adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells will also depend on the type of locking screws you will use.

Our quick-lock adjustable dumbbells can be adjusted from 5lbs to 75lbs in under 15 seconds. So if you think you need to devote hours for your workout, our adjustable free weights will prove otherwise. Our fixed-weight rubber dumbbells are even quicker to use and promote an efficient training experience with their highly visible weight markings and compact square shape.

Aside from saving you time, they also save you plenty of floor space. Our adjustable dumbbell handles measure only 6. On the other hand, our empty kettlebell handle is only 8. As you can imagine, they only take up a fraction of the space required by a rack of fixed dumbbells or kettlebells. This is why so many people with limited floor space find our equipment the perfect addition to their home gym.

kettlebell dumbbell handle

However, if you prefer training with fixed weight dumbbells, we suggest you check out our 3-tier and 4-tier dumbbell racks. Our adjustable dumbbells and adjustable kettlebells are designed to adapt to your evolving fitness level and capacity. For our adjustable dumbbells, we offer a 45lb set suited for beginners, a 75lb upgrade kit for experienced trainers, and a lb and custom lb Add on weight kit for advanced trainers.

We also offer weight kits of As you progress in your dumbbell and kettlebell training, you can easily adjust the weight of your equipment to match your current level of strength. Our fixed weight dumbbells are available from 5 to lbs to cater to a wide range of trainers as well. Easy and quick weight changes — this is the promise we have been fulfilling since we created our adjustable dumbbells and kettlebell systems.

The shape of our specially designed plates allows them to simply stack together and lean toward the handle, making the process of changing them easier for you.

True to its name, our Quick-Lock design lets you add or remove weight plates with ease. Just turn the locking screws and adjust the weight to your liking!

The user-friendly design of our dumbbells and kettlebells is one of their best-selling points. From the comfortable, wide handle of our Quick-Lock adjustable kettlebell to the knurling on our EZ Curl Bar, you can expect a superior level of comfort from any of our dumbbell and kettlebell products.

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Our adjustable dumbbells even offer no restrictions in terms of how you can grip them. Borne out of extensive research and development, our adjustable kettlebells, in particular, are very popular among trainers. Lastly, the adjustable weight plates are labeled in both lbs and kgs for your convenience.

Kettlebells vs Dumbbells

Their weight plates and locking screws can be used interchangeably. Our adjustable dumbbell stand is also designed to hold the lb Add on Kit while supporting your adjustable dumbbells. Aside from providing an extra challenge to your workout, our fat grip adapter set is also suited for use with the IM lifting bar. Excellent construction and well-thought-out design result in a safe and sturdy piece of equipment that will last you for years.

No plastic or fragile parts are used to assure reliability. Our adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells are known for being safe and secure. Once you have made sure that the locking pin has a snug fit, we guarantee you that there will be no rattling plates or injury risks with our products.

DIY Kettlebell in Under 2 Minutes

We only use the highest quality materials for our dumbbells so you can rest assured they will withstand years of use and abuse. Made with chrome plated steel handles and solid cast iron plates, they have no breakable or plastic parts and come with a lifetime warranty. Our equally heavy-duty adjustable kettlebells also contain no breakable parts and our EZ Curl Bar and Straight Bar are made of solid, chrome plated steel.There are a TON of exercises that you can do with a kettlebell, and they work well for muscle engagement, strength building, and cardio.

But having a full set of kettlebells can be expensive AND it takes up a lot of space. The space issue is easy to solve by getting an adjustable kettlebell, like the one from Bowflex. However, a lot of people already OWN dumbbells and they can make a good stand-in for a kettlebell a lot of the time. Related : Are kettlebells are better than dumbbells?

The basic kettlebell exercise is called the kettlebell swing. You can do kettlebell swings with a dumbbell, but gripping the top dumbbell plate.

There are also many other exercises, like dips and overhead presses that can be done effectively with both kettlebells and dumbbells.

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You can see how that works in this video. The instructor explains the moves with dumbbells to start and then kettlebells. In this case, there is a great piece of equipment on the market called the Kettle Gryp. I have a full Kettle Gryp Review here.

The Kettle Gryp lets you put a kettlebell handle on almost any dumbbell, this greatly increases the amount of kettlebell exercised you can do with a dumbbell. This product seems a bit weird when you first look at it, but the construction is good and it does exactly what it says it does and provides a solid kettlebell grip onto almost any dumbbell.

Overall, the Kettle Gryp is a solid choice for turning dumbbells into something close to a kettlebell. This video does a good job of showing the differences and why a dumbbell will never QUITE be a kettlebell, even though it can make a good substitute.

If you already own dumbbells and are starting to try out kettlebell workouts you can turn a dumbbell into something that is close to a kettlebell with the Kettle Gryp. You can also modify how you use a dumbbell for many kettlebell exercises. But if you decide to get serious about working out with a kettlebell, I recommend you get one or a pair of adjustable kettlebells.

I review the top three on the market:. Overall, the most important thing you can do is some level of resistance training. If that works better for you with kettlebells, great.

kettlebell dumbbell handle

If it works better for you with dumbbells that you use with Kettle Gryp on, then do that. Home About Contact.By Matt Kollat TZ. Dumbbell vs kettlebell: which one is the best home gym equipment? Athletes who are into classic bodybuilding methods will say it's the former while CrossFitters would probably say kettlebells are better. Is there a home weight that reigns supreme over all others? Admittedly, both the best dumbbells and the best kettlebells are capable home weights that can help you get strong and build muscle.

That's all fine but when you have limited budget, a decision must be made whether you should buy dumbbells or kettlebells. It's no surprise that both types of home weights have their benefits and in this article, we listed three reasons why you should choose one over another.

Of course, if you have a specific goal in mind, it is possible that neither of these type of weights are ideal for you. If you want to have a six packyou are better off getting the best ab roller.

Should you want to build a nice V-taper of back muscles, the best pull up bars can help you most. However, for most, getting a dumbbell or a kettlebell will be the most beneficial home gym purchase. Read on to find out which one is best for you.

You won't see many bodybuilders curling with kettlebells: dumbbells are generally considered the most versatile gym equipment. With the humble dumbbell, you can train all muscles in the body and do it efficiently. Here are three reasons why you should choose dumbbells over kettlebells. One of the biggest issues with setting up a home gym is the lack of space in one's abode to store the equipment. Partners, unless they are into resistance training themselves, are probably not too keen on having fitness equipment laying around the house.

Dumbbells have the competitive edge here: they are smaller than kettlebells and are easier to store thanks to their shape.

They can be stored under the bed, in the wardrobe or cupboard and sometimes, even on top of each other next to the wall. Getting a dumbbell rack can make storing the dumbbells even easier.

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